COVID–19: Ensuring your telecom network is optimised to meet emergency capacity demand

Posted in Coronavirus on 23 March 2020


The threat of COVID-19 and the uncertainty it brings is fast creating a world where access to even the most basic essentials is at risk. Governments worldwide are urging people to self-isolate and work from home. Because of this, the telecom network infrastructure faces a much higher level of traffic at a time when it’s needed most.

At TXO, we ensure these uncertain times are made easier by giving you peace of mind your telecom network is supported by a trusted partner. Our dedicated team are ready to ensure:

  • Immediate availability: 800,000 refurbished and approved multi-vendor, multi-platform network spare parts in stock

  • Priority delivery: same day dispatch internationally, and same day urgent delivery within the UK

  • Trusted supply chain partner: 85% of the world’s top 100 fixed line and mobile network operators work directly with TXO 


A little more explanation...

Immediate availability: 800,000 refurbished and approved multi-vendor, multi-platform network spare parts in stock

We understand that both fixed line and mobile networks are under immense stress at the moment with huge spikes in bandwidth demand. The need for communication has deemed telecoms as one of the critical sectors in new regulations and legislation by the UK government, in response to dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. Critical services in the industry include supporting network operators in rectifying network outages and mitigating any effects of network degradation. This is why TXO is operating business as usual in order to alleviate this stress by sourcing the critical telecoms equipment that you need and delivering to you as soon as possible.

Our UK-based warehouse holds Europe’s largest and most complete inventory of fixed-line and mobile telecoms infrastructure with over 800,000 parts in stock, which includes: line cards; radios; combiners; optical transceivers and GPON equipment.

Our inventory contains legacy and current generation catalogue parts, of which are either refurbished or brand new, from OEMs such as Huawei, ZTE, Nokia - Alcatel, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Cisco, Ciena and Juniper and many more.


Priority delivery: same day dispatch internationally and same day urgent delivery within the UK

With business subsidiaries located in the UK, USA, France, Brazil and Australia, our global footprint allows us to continue offering immediate lead times with international delivery.

For our UK-based customers, where possible we ensure time critical, same-day delivery using our own fleet of vehicles. We also offer urgent supply options if you are currently experiencing disruptions with your third-party logistics companies. Furthermore, we have additional warehouse space in the UK ready to help mitigate the disruption the supply chain is facing due to the virus. We can offer short term temporary storage solutions as well as supporting you with your overarching long term strategy.


Trusted supply chain partner

Telecom operators, end users and the OEMs themselves rely on TXO to support the world’s fixed line and mobile networks to meet the surge in demand. We deploy our huge inventory of available line cards, optical transceivers, radio and combiners that will support infrastructure and grow networks to meet the new level of demand for capacity.


TXO are doing all we can to support you!

One thing that is certain during this period is TXO’s dedication to its customers. We continue to generate a robust pipeline of telco network parts in order to meet our customer’s increasing demand for capacity, regardless of platform or manufacturer.

Call us now with your requirements for our immediate assistance. Our team are waiting to hear from you. Email us at Or if easier, start a live chat!

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