Use your surplus telecom assets to generate cash

Posted in Telecoms Asset Management on 9 July 2020

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According to economists, coronavirus containment measures are pushing the world into the deepest recession since the Great Depression. For example, the UK economy has experienced a significant economic downturn since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. While in lockdown the monthly decline in GDP in April 2020 was three times greater than the fall experienced during the 2008 recession.

During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever for companies to increase their cash reserves, avoid drastic cost-cutting measures, and in some cases to reassure shareholders and investors that the company is in a strong financial position as we move towards the “new normal”.

If you have surplus telecom network equipment in your inventory that you are looking to realise a value in, the TXO team offer a solution.


Cash Generation

Our asset recovery services can help you to generate cash by selling your surplus telecoms equipment. As a result of the increased demand on the operator’s networks, we have seen two major changes occur in the market– demand has increased as capacity ramps up and as a result of this, lead times from the OEMs have increased as they try to meet this demand. These two factors will drive up the price of assets being resold on your behalf by our team and maximise the returns you can gain from your surplus inventory.

1. As a result of the increase in demand for equipment from OEMs, lead times will become increasingly impractical for critical parts. We have already seen an increase in buyers starting to look for refurbished equipment as an alternative to new. Here at TXO, we have the world’s largest inventory of refurbished telecom equipment and our expertise is in sourcing hard to find parts. Therefore, our team will have your stock available to sell at the optimum price to meet this demand.

2. When purchasing directly from the OEMs pricing can surge especially when demand increases. For those looking for high-quality, cost-effective network equipment, our unparalleled access to major OEM parts places us in the ideal position to fill this gap in the market. As part of our service, as standard we offer warranties on all hardware as well as equipment testing when required.

Another important point to remember is that surplus equipment is always in storage, so it is consuming valuable space that somebody is paying for. Essentially the equipment could be de-valuing over time by just sitting there, all while incurring cost to store it securely. Our asset recovery services are a great way to make the most of equipment that you no longer need and can create a new and incremental revenue source. Our deinstallation services are resuming with all RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statements) being revised to match current guidelines, making us flexible to work around the evolving public health situation and local government advice.

Do not miss this opportunity to generate new revenue as the market demand grows. To find out more please reach out to the team